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Michelle Obama
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Born on the South Side of Chicago, Michelle Obama is a lawyer, author, community-outreach worker, and the 44th First Lady of the United States. Since she launched her career in the late 1980s, Michelle has been at the forefront of community work. 

Growing up in a tight knit family on the south side of Chicago who focused on education, Michelle was very close with her brother and her parents. Both Michelle and her brother were exceptionally gifted students, both skipping the second grade, and Michelle enrolled in one of the very first Magnet Schools in the city, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, to help accelerate her learning. 

Graduating from Princeton and Harvard for Sociology and Law, Michelle took to public policy in Chicago, where she eventually met her future husband, Barack Obama. At the time they met, Michelle was an advisor to the intern Barack, and it took awhile for her to let down her guard as a professional. Eventually though, they fell in love and were engaged just two years later. 

After Obama won the Presidential election, Michelle focused her efforts on supporting their two daughters and her husband. She continued to be a very active community advocate as First Lady, promoting healthy living, poverty awareness, and education. 

Michelle Obama’s Black Moments:

  • First African American First Lady of the United States
  • First woman ever to appear on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and the first person in 48 years
  • The first First Lady to announce the winner of an Oscar
  • Published 2 books: Becoming 2018 and American Grown 2012
  • Graduated from Princeton and Harvard



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