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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Wikimedia Commons @Bruce F Press / Neil deGrasse Tyson on stage with Richard Dawkins at Howard University in Washington D.C.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, author, and on-camera host. Most of us recognize him as the voice of space science with his various narration roles through NOVA and PBS specials. 

Born in New York in 1958, Tyson studied at Harvard, University of Texas at Austin, Columbia University, and did his postdoctoral research at Princeton University. Soon after finishing his doctorate work, Tyson began working at the Hayden Planetarium, where he worked his way to Director. 

Throughout his career, he has continued to be the leading voice of the astrophysicist community, his voice being synonymous with “space special”. Tyson has hosted 6 different series on the space, including the recent 2020 series Cosmos. Aside from his very public image as an expert, he has brought into the White House Staff by George Bush in 2001 as a Presidential Advisor to examine and counsel on the future United States aerospace industry. 

Tyson was the man who fought to have Pluto reclassified as a dwarf planet, which was a majorly controversial decision at the time, and in 2006, the International Astronomical Union decided to follow Tyson’s lead. 

Still living in New York City, Tyson spends his days with his wife Alice Young and their two children Miranda and Davis. And, remember folks, “The good thing about science is its true whether you believe in it or not”. – Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Black Moments:



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